Larousse Français Anglais sur PocketPC

P1110106 (by plateaukao)



Stardict converted some dictionary files from Babylon format. I can use them happily in my onlinedic. However, on my dopod 818 (pocketpc 2003), I can only use FrHelper PPC version, which is just good enough for basic use. For more detail explanation, I still have to turn to my computer.

I tried to convert stardict dict format to mdict ( a powerful free dictionary for PocketPC, with a clean interface) with the tool provided by mdict, but it always fails for unknown reason.

Several days ago, when I was modifying stardict.py, I added a handy function for it too: to dump the dictionary file. Since it's written in python, I can easily modify it to generate suitable file format for mdict to generate the .mdx file.

Voila! Now Larousse Francais Anglais runs smoothly on my PocketPC. :)

ps. the dictionary file from stardict lacks of vocabulary spelling with "oe". That's quite strange and inconvenient sometimes.

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