compilation of ebmodule succeeded!!

(Ricoh GRD Morbihan Tour 2008, Annecy du 21 au 24 mai)



Last time, I said that ebmodule is not compatible with current eb library, so I turned to modify the sample code of eb library and use a separate execution file for both linux and windows. Though it works smoothly for me, putting an extra program in the package is not what I really want it to be. Several days ago, I thought: since ebmodule couldn't work with current eb library, why not try using the old eb library with which it says it compiles.

I downloaded eb library 0.3.1 from internet and compiled it. And then, I spent some time figuring out where to put eb headers / library in order to compile ebmodule module; and I modified ebmodule.c too because there're some errors about the static char arrays. Finally, the native python ebmodule module is GENERATED!! Well, what a success!! The README says it compiles with Python 1.5.2; however with Python 2.5, it can be compiled too.

After some simple tests of the ebmodule, I am quite happy with it. From now on, I think I can provide more support for EPWING files (to start with, maybe I can put in "strict match", "prefix match", and "postfix"; and ... word list too).

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