Details for comiplation of ebmodule-2.0 under ubuntu

(Ricoh GRD Semnoz, Annecy, France)



I need to write it down here to prevent that some day my no-so-working brains forget how I did it. Actually it's not so complicated. Here's the steps:

1. download eb-3.1.tar.gz and compile it. You will find dynamic libraries under eb/.libs and zlib/.libs.
2. download ebmodule-2.0. Modify setup.py and ebmodule.c
2.1 change library path and include path to where you put eb libraries and eb headers.
2.2 modify ebmodule.c. The "static char" is not well written. So gcc will complain about it. You have to modify all the "static char".
2.3 compile! Voila. If everything goes fine, you can test your eblib.py or test.py.

I uploaded a modified version of ebmodule-2.0 (compiled python lib included) to my googlepage. You can find everything you need in the file to start programming with ebmodule. Have fun!

EB Library

compiled ebmodule-2.0 module and modified source codes

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