Android Books

It's good to be able to wander in Safari's online shelves and pick up books that I am interested in. Though not having enough time coding, I still managed to quickly take glimpse over two Android books recently. One is 50 Android Hacks, and another one is Android Developer Tools Essential. Both are good to read and gave me some new nuance for my poor Android knowledge.


不是很好看。以為 Jake Gyllenhaal 有演出,應該會有點看頭的。 故事是在講一群太空人在太空站上試著培養火星來的休眠單細胞生物,最後愈搞愈大,變得不可收拾的地步。 中間很多故做緊張的情節,但因為張力不夠,再加上配樂又不是很優(也有可能是因為在家看的關係,聲光效...