MacBook Pro 電池壞了,電腦速度蠻超慢


這個問題困擾我兩三個月了。由於電池壞了,整台 MBP 慢得跟十幾年前的電腦一樣,而且還是台裝了 SSD 的高檔貨。網路上看到大部分的文章都是說,要換顆電池,整台電腦又會變得頭好壯壯,但是,才買來兩年的電腦,我實在是不想再去花個幾千塊換電池。而且現在這台 MBP 幾乎都當成桌上型電腦在用了,也不會再移來移去,換顆電池的 CP 值實在是不高。

今天,在網路上找了一下,竟然有辦法可以在電池爛掉的情況下,讓它回復到原有的速度!這真是太好了!馬上試了一下,實際上只不過是把某個設定 CPU 何時該升降速,風扇該運轉的設定檔移走,讓系統找不到,整台電腦就不會那麼卡了。



Android Books

It's good to be able to wander in Safari's online shelves and pick up books that I am interested in. Though not having enough time coding, I still managed to quickly take glimpse over two Android books recently. One is 50 Android Hacks, and another one is Android Developer Tools Essential. Both are good to read and gave me some new nuance for my poor Android knowledge.


Google Reader is going into history today.

I've been using Google Reader for very very long time. It's the most important news resource and knowledge source for me. Now it will be closed soon. Kind of  sad that such a good service will no longer exist.


Get Rid of HTC Sync Manager autostart on Mac, and Android File Transfer Autostart


Tired of seeing autostart finder popups every time I plugged in my new hTc one into my mac. Here's a way to disable it:
1. Identify UUID:
   by using "diskutil info /Volumes/HTC\ Sync\ Manager
   you can get its volume UUID
2. sudo vifs
    add a line as below:
UUID=YOURVOLUMEUUID none hfs rw,noauto

= = = = =
As for disabling Android File Transfer app, you just need to rename file names of the so called Agent app:
1. /Users/user_name/Library/Application Support/Google/Android File Transfer
2. /Applications/Android File Transfer.app/Contents/Resources



showing relative line number in vim

Being a long time vim user, this is the first time that I heard vim supports relative line numbers, by which users can jump around the editor screen even more quickly. Just type :set rnu will do the trick.

Another good plugin that can improve navigation speed is EasyMotion. It works a bit like the "f" feature in vimperator for firefox. Too bad that it's not avaible for intellij's ideavim.


How to push codes to Heroku from China

Miss my One V.
Seems the IPs of Heroku are blocked, so "git push heroku" can not work normally. In order to fix this problem, add following lines to the .ssh/config file:

Oh, by the way, remember to change the user name to your own one.
Check this link