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VocReview with explication

Though VocabReview ( a small program that I wrote for Windows Mobile system to display vocabularies that have been exported to a text file) works well on my dopod818, I found out that actually I spend more time on my PC than on my PDA. Well... I am kind of otaku, I do not go out often. So, I think it's probably a good idea to create a similar program on my PC too. In this way, I can review the words while I am surfing on the internet.

Since it'll be used on PC, that means I can still use python as I did for onlinedic. It turns out using python is a right choice. I just spent one night to finish this little program, comparing to several day's work I've done for VocabReview on Windows Mobile. Now, it is well integrated into onlinedic too, though it can be used separately.

After updating files on svn server, you can trigger it by using hotkey Ctrl-R, or click it from menu > File. By default, it will open the export file defined by onlinedic and display the vocabularies. You can click "Toggle" button to change the display as the following screenshot.

In the near future, I may change the layout to make it smaller with alpha blending, so that I can put it on the top of the screen. And...the feature manage words (add/remove words) too.

VocReview with only Vocabulary

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