Uploading Photos to Facebook/Flickr on Your Windows Mobile Phone

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Recently I took a lot of photos with my Diamond II device. The quality of the built-in camera is good enough for my daily use. After taking photos, I am too lazy to transfer all the photos to my laptop and upload to my flickr accounts or share with my friends on facebook. So, some photos will stay in my device for quite a while before it's being online.

In order to solve this problem, I searched the internet to find softwares that can upload photos directly from my Windows Mobile phone. Wihthout much efforts, I found Resco Photo Viewer. Resco is a long-existing, well-known company on the Windows Mobile platform. Its software quality is out of question. I tried a bit. It works great to upload photos to my flickr account. At first, I can select photos on my device; and then upload them by a single click! It will display a windows showing current uploading progress. Everything works smoothly. The software is quite pricey. I need to consider if I can find an alternative before making a decision whether I will buy it or not.

Another thing I wanna do is to check my facebook status on my Diamond II. Originally, this function should be available on Diamond II. However, due to tight schedule, it's removed from feature list. Fortunately, Microsoft developped a software for Facebook on Windows Mobile. Microsoft? Am I kidding? No, I am pretty serious. You can check out the link I provided down below. With this sofware installed, I can check my friends' latest status and update mine instantly. Oh, of course, I can upload photos to facebook too. That's my original purpose of installing this software. The UI is quite acceptable, except only one thing: The touch flo experience on the list is very very slow. I am not sure it's a problem of HTC or Microsoft. Anyway, the software is very impressive considering it's free.

By the way, on Micorsoft's website, the screenshots are a little bit misleading. It only puts screenshots for smartphones. Just don't worry. It supports PocketPC too. It works even on my HTC Diamond II with 800x480 resolution.


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