Simple Ripper -- Streamripper on Windows

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I am quite enjoying streamtunner in Ubuntu. In combination with streamripper, it can help me to record online music radios and separate each songs into mp3 files, so that I can easily put them onto my windows mobile device and listen to the latest music at work without using the office bandwidth. Streamtuner and streamripper are free softwares in linux (as most of other softwares do). However, in Windows, I can't find an equivalent software which is free too. I know there are some commercial softwares that can do the same thing, but why should I pay for a feature that I can freely use in another system?

So I spent some time searching on the internet again. This time, I found a small software that provides almost the same feature for me -- Simple Reader. It's UI interface is quite simple (as the software name suggests), but that's enough for me. The underlying engine is streamripper too. Yeah, streamripper has windows version. It's a great news to me, because if I can't find a good frontend for it, I can easily write one for myself.

Simple Ripper2

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