Japan Travelling -- First Sunrise at MatsuShima

R8072896 (by plateaukao)

Woke up at midnight. It's freezing outside. Taking luggages out of the hotel, missing the delicious breakfast, we took the night train to matsushima -- one of the three most precious view spots in Japan. By walking around 30 minutes, arrived the famous spot for viewing the sunrise. There were already a lot of people when we were arrived. Because it's near the Pacific ocean, it's not as cold as previous years, far away in Hokkaido. After waiting for almost an hour, I saw the sun showed up upon the clouds. Any thoughts at that time? No, just kept taking photos. Just within minutes, sunshine covered all over the sea and the ground. People started leaving the place for breakfast or for going back again to the bed.

Matushima is famous for its Kaki. Kaki means oyster in japanese. Before leaving this beautiful town, I ate kakidon, cooked kaki with rice. Matushima is a lovely place with a lot of small islands on the sea. The information of tourism is well done in every detail, just like other japanese towns. Okay, it's time to move on to next stop.

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