Heath Examination and Buying the Stamp (French Student Visa)

PB175023 (by plateaukao)

(Olympus E300 Geneve. l'ombre du homme)

Finally, I got the letters from Prefecture d'Annecy.

The effeciency of visa application between Holland and France is  very different.

Aftering handing out all the necessary documents,

An appointment of health examination (including radio scan) will be arranged

within one week.

After the health examination, everything is done!

I don't have to collect the examination paper to perfecture again.

It's automatically done by the organizations.


However, things are much slower and out of effeciency here in France.

I got the letter to inform me that I need to make an appointment BY MYSELF

with the doctor and the organization for X-ray scanning.

Why can't prefecture do this automatically?

If the system is digitalized, it can be easily done within seconds,

instead of waiting for the stupid letter for months.


And other thing to complain about is,

I have to buy a stamp for the visa application.

It's 55 euro (the most expensive stamp I've ever buy).

I checked all the tabacs here without any luck!

Eventually, I bought it in an offical building,

after asking the clerk in the prefecture.

Since it's so hard to buy the stamp,

they should note the applicants where or how to buy it in the letter.

Or even better, just collect the money when the applicants hand in

the documents.

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