SONY Reader 再復活

PB104497 (by plateaukao)
(Olympus E300 France. Lyon)

I found a Chinese forum which has a long discussion thread talking about reburning the image for SONY Reader PRS-500. With the new ROM image, it's possible to read CJK characters in directly in files with format of txt or RTF. It's a great progress and function-up for the SONY Reader because files with PDF format are so crappy on it, and they always takes a lot of space too.

It takes time to convert files into PDFs if anyone wants to read Chinese/Japanese documents. And worse, another conversion for clarifying the characters is usually needed to get a better viewing result.

I tried to update my ROM by downloading the package from the website. Several minutes later, voila! I can read Chinese/Japanese txt files directly with SONY Reader!!! It's really a great present for the new year 2008. :D

Anyone who's interested in this topic or the software can surf to the following link:

Another tool I found yesterday is "PdfLrf". It's a handy tool that helps you to get a better result for pdf files on SONY Reader. It's faster than the previous tool I used -- PDFrasterFarian, and it comes with a GUI window. This software is a must-have for all SONY Reader users!

The UI controls are very straightforward. You can choose a file, set up the margin you wanna trim off, preview the result for the page you want to see, and finally convert it! There are some other advanced settings for fine-tuning the output, but since I am quite satisfied with the default settings, I did not spend time on them.

Now, let's have a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading by the lake~~

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