Enhance Reading Experience for Android Dev website

Recently I spend most of my time reviewing documents on google's android official site. It annoys me that the left side of the screen is always occupied by the content index; however, I just need to change articles once in a while by using it. It makes me feel bad that one third of the screen is wasted. In addition, it also distracts me while I was reading.

As a consequence, I searched internet to see if there's any extension, plugin, or script to help me hide the navigation panel when I want to do so. Out of luck, no. Maybe it's too tiny to have someone work on it.

Therefore, I decided to write one by myself, after reading a book about jQuery. My choice is to write a userscript for greasemonkey, which is supported on Chrome now as well. The logic is very simple and the lines of codes are few, although it still took me sometime to find right APIs to implement this feature.

Here's the screenshots:

The userscript is uploaded to following site:

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