onlinedic update again!!


When I read Harry Potter III, I used three instances of onlinedic: one in Chambers Francais Anglais; one with XMLittre, Francais-Francais Dictionnaire; one in woaifayu-fc 我愛法語法漢字庫.

Most of the time I used the third one, because I can quickly grab the idea of the word, and move on to the following details of the plots.

However, the content of woaifayu-fc (a dictionary file from stardict website) is not well orgnized. All the explanations are crammed together. It's hard to find the meannings that I want.

So, I did a little modifications for the display of woaifayu-fc. As you can see in the screenshot, explanations are separated out with green colored font.

It'll work better when I export them out to text file and read by my ReviewVocab on PocketPC.


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