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I've been using Firefox + vimperator 2.0 for quite some time. It makes my browsing experiences as smoothly as the silk. Today, I found some tips about how to make vimperator even better! These tips exist long before I found them. It's a pity that I did not do much survey on this before.

First of all, some key mappings to make navigation more easily:

map <c-c> Y
map <c-g> YP
map j 8<c-e>
map k 8<c-y>
map H gT
map L gt

With these settings, you can use copy keyboard shortcut as before; the movement of pressing j and k is more obvious now (8 lines each time); and change among the tabs by H and L. It's easier than gt/gT or C-n, C-p.

Another good tip that I can't find til today: to disable system input method while switching to command line mode.

style -name commandline-ime chrome://* #liberator-commandline-command input {ime-mode: inactive;}

Moreover, starting from vimperator 2.0, it supports colorscheme just as vim does. You can download several color schemes from following link:


To jump quickly within current opened tabs, you can turn on the numbering label on tabs by following setting:

set guioptions=n/N

N means displaying the number on the tab icon; n means displaying the number after the icon.

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