Install Ubuntu 9.04 in VirtualBox on Asus epc 1000HE

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Airport.Hong Kong

I saw the fly's eyes in the airport.


The default operating system on my epc 1000HE is Windows. It works quite well so far, and I am already addicted to its multi-touch panel. To save my time on finding all the equivalent functions on Ubuntu, I decide to install ubuntu in VirtualBox under Windows. In this way, I can get the benefits from the Windows softwares and drivers; in addition, I can use the familiar interfaces in Linux too.

The installation is very smooth. It takes about one hour. Afterward, it took about 20 minutes to update new packages. Everything works fine except the resolution is 800x600 by default. In order to solve this problem, I installed VBox toolbox and reboot the system. Voila. You can adjust the resolution by changing the VBox windows size now.

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