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R8073987 (by plateaukao)

The problem that kept bothering me yesterday is finally resolved this afternoon. Although the happening senario is quite straightforward and easily reproducible, I still didn't locate the root cause soon enough. I even blamed the wrong part of the implementation and kept kept looking for what went wrong with the component. Fortunately, I did not stay up til early morning this time. I just leave it there and rather, I went home for a good sleep before fighting with it again this morning. Well, it turns out it's a good decision. With a clearer mind, I soon found that it may be caused by another component that we newly added in this week. After changing the investigation direction, I found the root cause with several try-and-error.
If I am more experienced, maybe I can find the root cause faster. If I develop a systemized investigation method, perhaps I can save more time.
I thought I could have a relaxed time tonight. However, it's ruined by a phone call.

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